Bachelors of Commerce (B.Com)

Bachelors of Commerce (B.Com) is affiliated to Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU), Nashik. This program if of duration of three years and has weightage of 108 credit points. In this program the student has to study 6 Courses of 36 credit points for the first year, 5 compulsory courses and one elective course having weightage 36 credit points for the second year, and 4 compulsory and 2 specialization group courses having weightage 36 credit points for third year. Nine contact sessions for every course of 6 credit points are arranged at the study centre where the students can solve their difficulties.

2.1 Duration

The minimum duration of this program is three years, although you may complete the program gradually within a maximum period of eight years. If the program is not completed successfully during these eight years, you will be required to take fresh admission.

2.2 Medium

The medium of instruction for the B.Com. program is English.

2.3 Courses for B.Com.

First Year B. Com.

(All courses are compulsory)

Course Name and Credit Points

(1) (COM107) Elements of Statistics 6 cp

(2) (MAR102) Foundation Course in 6 cp Marathi or (ENG102) English for Business

(3) (HEN101) Foundation Course in English and Hindi 6 cp

(4) (GKN101) General Knowledge 6 cp and Social Awareness Foundation

(5) (COM106) Commerce Course 6 cp

(6) (COM211) Office Management 6 cp

Second Year B. Com.

Course Name and Credit Points

(A) Compulsory Courses (1) (COM208) Accountancy: Part I 6 cp

(2) (ECO201) Business Economics 6 cp

(3) (COM210) Business Law 6 cp

(4) (MGM105) Management Science 6 cp

(5) (COM212) Business Organization 6 cp and Administration

(B) Elective Courses (Any One)

(6) (MGM224) Managerial Economics 6 cp OR

(7) (MGM225) Business Communication 6 cp

(C) Audit Course

(1) (EVS 201) Environment Study 4 cp

Note : Study material for Audit Course EVS201 will be made available in the form of soft copy (PDF) only on the official Website of the University

No hard copy of the book will be given to the students.

Third Year B. Com.

Course Name Credit Points

(A) Compulsory Courses

(1) (COM209) Accountancy : Part II 6 cp

(2) (COM220) Economic Environment in India 6 cp

(3) (COM221) Costing, Auditing and Taxation 6 cp

(4) (COM222)Human Resource Management 6 cp

(B) Specialization Courses (Any One) (Two papers of each)

(1) COM306 Banking and Finance 1 COM307 Banking and Finance 2 12 cp OR

(2) MGM308 Marketing Management 1 MGM309 Marketing Management 2 12 cp

2.4 Credit Points

All courses offered by YCMOU carry a certain value in terms of credit-points. A credit point is a way of expressing the learning hours required to study a certain unit, in a book or a course. Generally, one credit point is considered equivalent to about 30-35 learning hours. These learning hours could mean the time you spend in reading, note taking, listening to lectures, participating in discussions on the topic, listening to audios, viewing especially prepared videos, etc. The B.Com. degree program at YCMOU requires that you ‘collect’ a credit of 108 credit points in order to be considered eligible for the degree ‘Bachelor of Commerce’.

2.5 Learning Method

The students of the open university do not go to the college everyday. They do not have regular time for their studies. The open university has independently developed a learning method for such students. This method has the following components : ❍ Self-Instructional material. ❍ Soft copy (PDF format) of study material is available on official website of the university. ❍ Use of Audio and Video cassettes, ❍ Counselling during contact sessions at the study centre by the subject experts.

■ Special Features of the Text Books

The students are given the syllabus of the courses and also online study Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com.) : Prospectus : 6 material in the form of soft copy (PDF format) and textbooks. These textbooks are writtern in format, different from published textbooks. One can understand the study material through one reading because it is divided into small units. Each unit is explained with the help of graphs, pictures and illustrations to cover a specific topic. There are questions for each unit so as to revise and review the comprehension of the reading material. It helps the students to study a specific topic. If the student has any difficulty, he or she can make a note of it. He can discuss these noted difficulties with the counsellor during the contact session at the study centre.

■ Nature of Contact Sessions

The student can choose a study centre as per his/her convenience. Generally, the contact sessions are held either on weekly holidays or in the evening, after office hours. The contact session for counselling of one subject is of two clock hours. During these contact sessions, the counsellors are supposed to guide/discuss with the students, based on the course material. These contact sessions are also used to view audio/video cassettes at the study centres. The students can solve their difficulties by discussing with their colleagues as well as with the counsellor during contact sessions.

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