B.Sc. Multimedia & Networking


We are proud to introduce our B.Sc.  Multimedia & Networking  which  emphasizes on 2D & 3D Animation with 3D Max & Maya, Film making and editing, Sound Editing, Advertising Art, with Corel Draw, Photoshop, Photography techniques with Historical & modern camera, Web Designing in HTML, JAVA Script,& Flash, etc ; with the view to enhance the existing syllabus and make it more practical based, industry affable and suitable to cater the needs of society and nation.

The film making & Sound Editing programs offered by us are intensive programs based around theory, we do practical exercises, film making and industry experience. The programs are based on motion picture studies in theory, practical exercises for film photography. The learning takes place in a professional environment, where students learn from the Expertise of the Industry.

By the end of the program students have acquired the knowledge and expertise they need to work in the Animation film and television industry. Depending on the talents demonstrated by each individual, students may hold a variety of positions: traditional & digital animator, visualizer, digital matte painting artist, story board artist 2D & 3D character animator, effects artist, modeling artist, technical artist, compositor, BG & Layout artist, rigging artist etc.

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Course Curriculum Information

  • Course Duration: Three Year (Six Semester Exam) Degree Course
  • Eligibility: H.S.C Exam (12thStd) from Science stream from Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher secondary education, Pune, or any other examination equivalent thereto
  • Intake Capacity: 120 Seats
  • Passing Criteria: In order to pass the examination of B.Sc. Multimedia & Networking, a candidate must secure atleast 40% of marks in each paper (theory & sessional together) & Project work as well as 50 % in aggregate of three years.


Sr. NoSub codeSubject nameTheorySessionalPractical
Semester I
1MN301Computer Fundamentals5050
2MN302Communication Skills5050
4MN304Desktop Publishing5050
5MN305Digital Art Photography (Part1)5050
6MN351Practical Based on MN303 & MN304 50 50
7MN352Practical Based on MN305 50 50
Semester II
8MN306Digital Art Photography (Part2)5050
9MN307Web Designing and Java Script5050
11MN309HTML Basics5050
12MN353Practical Based on MN306 & MN3075050
13MN354Practical Based on MN308& MN3095050


Sr. NoSub codeSubject nameTheorySessionalPractical
Semester III
14MN310Transferring Digital Photographs5050
15MN311Web Animation in Adobe Flash5050
16MN3122D Animation5050
17MN313Basics of Audio5050
18MN355Practical Based on MN310 & MN 31150 50
19MN356Practical Based on MN312& MN31350 50
Semester IV
20MN314Digital Film Making5050
21MN315Modeling and Texturing in Maya5050
22MN316Premier and Sound Forge5050
23MN3173D Foundation Fundamentals5050
24MN357Practical Based on MN314 & MN315 50 50
25MN358Practical Based on MN316 & MN 317 50 50


Sr. NoSub codeSubject nameTheorySessionalPractical
Semester V
26MN318Fash Web Site Design5050
27MN3193D Modeling and Animation I5050
28MN3203D Modeling and Animation II5050
29MN321Elective I ( Any One )5050
30MN359Practical Based on MN318 & MN319 50 50
31MN360Practical Based on MN320 & MN 321 50 50
Semester VI
32MN322Video Introduction and Advanced5050
33MN323Digital Film Editing5050
34MN324Sound Editing Engineering5050
35MN325Elective -II (Any One)5050
36MN361Major Project5050
37MN362Seminar 5050
Sem V Elective-I For 100 Marks(Select any One)
38MN321Working with Audio   
39MN321Web Designing in Dreamweaver   
40MN3213D Texturing and Lighting   
41MN3213D Rigging and Animation   
42MN3213D Dynamics and Particles   
43MN321Digital Sculpting and Texturing   
Sem VI For 100 Marks Elective-II (Select any One)
44MN3253D Rendering   
45MN325Character Modeling   
46MN325Visual Effects   
48MN325VFX Shoot   
49MN325Animation Production Pipelining   
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